Strevig's Family Restaurant | (p): (570)925-0330 |
4438 Red Rock Rd, Benton, PA 17878
Strevig’s Family Restaurant and Tavern was a dream that started in 2004.  The story starts with a phone call from one sister to another looking for the lunch special of the day, or “what are the leftovers from last nights’ family dinner?”.  This phone conversation was over heard by Mr. Pat Stemerich who was a board member of the Benton VFW at the time. He along with Robert Baker offered us the opportunity to run their kitchen and provide meals to the veterans and general public on the weekends.

That seemingly innocent phone call sparked the start of what is known today as the Strevig Family Restaurant and Tavern.  In the beginning the Strevig family, including parents, children, and other family members ran the Benton VFW kitchen each week from Thursday to Sunday. As the family grew we began looking for a home of our own.

Owners Lynn and Greg Strevig found that home when Kameo’s was put on the market for sale.  The property had a community history with a good location.  The history of the building and property can be traced back to the 60’s as a restaurant.  A few of the names include The Salt Box Inn, Stauffer’s Family Restaurant, The Mortgaged Inn, Kameo’s, and now Strevig’s family restaurant.  Established in 2007 our family continues to grow with each new customer and employee.

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